Stuck inside scrolling when you’d rather have an outdoor hobby?

Want to connect with nature, but can’t afford expensive kit?

Keen to learn about birds, but not sure where to start?

Want to share your sightings with conservation researchers?

Join our community of curious everyday people connecting with the natural world.

Nature is for everyone

With Birda, anyone can get outside, record their birding experiences, share them with conservation researchers and with a fun and inclusive community that can guide your birding journey.


At Birda, we believe that the natural world belongs to us all. We want as many people as possible to enjoy it, so they are inspired to fight to protect it. Our team works tirelessly to make sure Birda delivers the best possible experience for you.

Birda Community

Head out, head up

Birda provides a free, easy-to-use tool for logging the birdlife around you. All you have to do is head out and look up.


Add one sighting at a time or multiple sightings as part of a session.


By keeping a record of what you’ve seen, and when, you’ll be helping bird conservationists to gather the vital data they need to protect a myriad of bird species.


With Birda, you can connect with nature, learn more about it, and give back at the same time. But that’s just the beginning.

An inclusive

At Birda’s heart is a friendly and inclusive community of curious nature-lovers just like you.


If you’re ever unsure of which bird you’ve spotted, simply upload a photo of your feathered friend and the community will help you identify it.


Use our bird app on your own, or with others. Birda offers a fun new way to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family, connecting with nature and each other.


Need murmuration inspiration? Join us today.



Grow your birding knowledge and track your progress by keeping a life list of everything you identify.


You can also use Birda to connect and encourage competition.


Compete with friends, family, or the Birda community to collect observations and see how many species
you can spot. Why not get outside together and gather as many as you can?


Unlock achievements too.


Birda rewards you for taking part in local and national birdwatch events and challenges.

Who is Birda for?

Birda welcomes anyone curious about nature, no matter your level of knowledge or previous experience.


  • For casual nature-lovers, it offers an easy way to access and learn about birding.


  • For serious birders, it brings the IOC, Clements, and Birdlife taxonomies together in one place – any ornithologist’s dream.


  • For communities, schools, organisations and businesses, it offers a unique and fun way to connect and build relationships between people and the environment.


At Birda, we believe that the natural world belongs to us all. We want as many people as possible to enjoy it, so they are inspired to fight to protect it.


Get started for free

“We were new to the UK and new to birding. With Birda my family and I can now accurately ID multiple species in our neighbourhood, the park, and on countryside walks. My kids collect sightings like they used to collect Pokémon!”

Michelle, Kent


“I love nature and birds, but I’m turned off by the usual birdwatching community – I don’t fit in! But with Birda, a really feel part of a great community!”

Laura, Yorkshire


“Birda has been a game-changer for my mental health. I have mobility issues and rarely leave my house. But now I sit in my garden or at the window, identifying birds on my feeder, and feeling part of the world again.”

Peter, Suffolk


Discover a flock of friends


Connect with nature and be part of a caring community

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Birda is an intuitive yet powerful tool that reveals the fascinating world of birds to everyone.


Learn about the birdlife living all around you. Share your discoveries with the community and with conservation researchers. Rebalance your lifestyle. Build your confidence. And help protect biodiversity.


This bird app’s fresh, clean, user-friendly interface makes navigation straightforward and information sharing easy. Tracking your progress is simple and achievement awards encourage healthy competition.


And, if you’d like to totally disconnect from the rat-race, you can even use Birda offline.


You don’t need any expensive gear to get better connected with the living world. Just download Birda and begin today. A flock of friends is waiting for you.