Reach birdwatchers around the world with our community

Reach an engaged audience

It’s not just about binoculars, It’s about community. Your brand can connect directly with the highly engaged community of nature-lovers on Birda.


Rather than competing for attention on another platform, be a source of inspiration for active outdoor enthusiasts through unique branded challenges on Birda.


Birda is user-centric at its core. Interact with both novice and professional birdwatchers by making your business an authentic part of their birding experience.

Create an Unforgettable Brand Experience

Birda’s challenges motivate your audience in a unique and authentic way by inspiring them to do more of what they already love. This builds awareness, loyalty and connection for your brand, which ultimately drives more business to you. Through a Birda challenge your brand will have the opportunity to:

Increase exposure to new audiences and strengthen loyalty among existing customers

Get birders logging more sightings and reward them with your products

Gain new followers, contacts, and customers

Generate greater impact by contributing to nature conservation

Challenges to engage, motivate and grow your audience


Sponsored Challenges

The Birda team can work with you to design challenges that meet your business goals while creating value for app users. Connect with a nature-loving community in a meaningful way and create opportunities to continue brand engagement long-term.


Fundraising Challenges

Birda matches a donor to a beneficiary so that corporates can fulfil their ESG goals and charities receive funding for a particular project. Birda users are encouraged to reach a new goal and are rewarded by helping to raise money for a nature-based project. Your brand gains awareness and credibility for delivering on your ESG commitments, a nature conservation project gains much needed funding, and Birda users connect more to nature and improve their overall wellness in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone!


In-App advertising

In-feed notices take on different forms in Birda, but essentially provide a link to another source. So brands can use these to advertise relevant products, encourage donations to a conservation project, or link to a particular article. Pricing options vary according to frequency and various other factors. Please contact the Birda team for further information. 


Birdwatchers love a bit of competition, especially when it involves their friends. Businesses on Birda can customise challenges to provide users with a memorable experience and meet their marketing goals.


You can choose either a sponsored challenge or a fundraising challenge to motivate your audience.

  Set your timing

Birda challenges can take place over a few days, a week, a month or even as long as a year to keep your audience engaged.

  Select your audience

You can reach all of Birda’s users, or specify a group targeted by location or gender to ensure your message has maximum impact.


Challenge your audience to discover the highest number of species within a specific time period and even in a specific area.

Tell the Community

Birda’s users learn about your challenges via push notifications and their Birda feed. When users join the challenge, they can share it with their friends and activities logged towards the goal will show up on their profile or the challenge page. 

Offer exciting rewards

Brands are welcome to design a digital badge for Birda users to collect if they complete the challenge. You can also offer other exciting rewards like vouchers, discounts, digital products and services, or unique branded experiences. We’re happy to help you brainstorm what the best options might be.