Birding made better

Birda transforms your birdwatching experience by giving you tools to support your journey, whether you’re watching birds in your garden or pushing for your biggest year yet. We’re here to help you create life-changing habits to support your well-being and find a healthier, happier you by spending more time connecting with nature.


Find the perfect birding spot.

Discover where to take your next birding trip by exploring our birding locations map. Search for specific locations or just browse the map for some inspiration. Find out what species have been seen at each location by month, and how likely you are to see them. A great way to build up your life lists.

Species Guide

Identify what bird you’ve spotted.

Use our integrated species guide to quickly and easily work out what bird you saw and improve your bird identification skills. Learn more about species from around the world, including bird sounds, distribution maps, photos, recent sightings and more.

Bird Identification

Become a bird identification master.

Use our community-driven, Human Intelligence (HI) feature to quickly identify birds you don’t know; get ID tips and tricks and learn faster. If you’re already a bird ID pro, you can put your skills to the test and support others in their bird identification journey.


Join birders around the globe.

The heartbeat of Birda is its nature-loving community. Record your birding activities and it goes straight to the Birda feed, where birders around the world can give kudos for your latest spot, share their own bird sightings, and share comments on each other’s activities.


Keep a personal birding journal.

Birda turns every phone into a sophisticated logging tool for using out and about or at home in your own backyard. Just record and go. You can also sync your data from other platforms so that all your birding records are in one place.


Stay motivated with challenges.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of friendly competition? Have fun taking part in local and international birding challenges that keep you connected to nature and more inspired to get out. Be in with a chance to collect badges and win prizes – plus there’s always top spots on the leaderboard up for grabs.


Track your birding moments.

Chart every step of your birding journey on your Birda profile. You’ll find all your latest stats, well-being metrics and photos so you can relive those awesome birding moments. Set goals for the future, track your life lists and feel rewarded with fun badges along the way.