Bird identification made easy

Spotting a bird and immediately knowing its name is the dream, but identifying a bird you don’t know is hard. Whether you’re a seasoned birder exploring foreign shores, or a beginner honing your skills in the backyard, you can use Birda’s community-powered bird identification to identify any bird quickly – it’s like having a personal bird ID coach everywhere you go.

Community-powered bird identification

There is power in numbers. Our friendly community, filled with birdwatching expertise, spans more than 177 countries making it an extraordinary source of Human Intelligence (HI) for identifying birds.


All you need to do is share an image of a bird you can’t identify, then sit back and get bird ID suggestions from birders around the world – who are often more accurate and insightful than artificial intelligence systems! It’s a great way to learn faster too. Being told what bird you’ve seen is great, but getting tips and tricks to help you identify it again is better.

Birda's Community Powered Identification Features
Birda's Species Guide Identification Features

Integrated species guide

Identifying birds is quicker and simpler with our integrated species guide. Now you don’t need to switch between different apps or books to log and identify your bird sightings. Just tap the species picture in your sighting list, and you’ll directly access the guide for that specific bird, an easy way to make sure you’ve spotted the right one. Learn more…

What birders say about our bird identification features