Your digital birding notebook

Use your smartphone as a digital notebook to keep track of what birds you saw, when you saw them and where you saw them. You can choose to record your ad hoc bird sightings or record a longer birding session if you’re out on a walk or sitting at a hide.

What data can you log?

With Birda, all the sightings you log automatically feed into a ton of other features in the app from life lists to challenges, earning you badges and helping to achieve your goals. We’ve also built tools like our handy web-based Photo Upload tool so you can easily add photos from your camera to your sightings.


Check out the data you can log with every sighting below:

  • Species
  • Date & time
  • Location
  • Photos of the species (if you have them)
  • Number of birds seen
  • Tag other users on Birda if you were with them


If you are logging your sightings as part of a session you’ll also see:

  • Total number of species
  • Total number of sightings
  • Time spent out in nature
  • Photos of your session – the scenery, your friends and even the dog
Images of different bird species are complemented by the Birda app, which displays its import and offline capabilities.

Sync your data

No matter how you log your bird sightings, you can import and sync your data with Birda. Your data will count towards challenges and life lists so you can get off to a flying start.

Birda currently supports imports from:

eBird Logo
iNaturalist App logo

and more coming soon…

To get started with imports:

  1. Download the Birda app
  2. Register an account via the Birda app
  3. Import your records via the Birda Web App

Dynamically generated species lists

When you add a sighting you’ll see a dynamically generated list of birds based on the location of the sighting, so common birds at the top and less likely ones at the bottom. Not only does this speed up and simplify things when you’re adding a sighting, it also improves the quality of data we provide to the scientific community. A win for everyone.

A woman is engrossed in birdwatching, complemented by the Birda app, which displays its import and offline capabilities.

Offline logging

No service? No problem. In fact, we’re a little bit jealous that you’re birdwatching somewhere off-grid. Offline logging still allows you to record your sightings or enjoy a birding session using the Birda app.

Giving back to conservation

Birda is proud to share all the sightings data with the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), an international network and data infrastructure that provides open access to data about all types of life on Earth. So the more you log, the more our planet benefits. Simple as that.