The home of your birding life.

Your birding journey is a personal one. Think of your Birda profile page as the dashboard of all of your unique content. Track and share your birding moments like nowhere else.

Be inspired by your progress

The motivation to get out can seem elusive some days. Checking out your great birding moments on your profile can help you give you that extra push. Every time you log a sighting you’ll see your Days Wild count increase, and logging a session will show you how much time you’ve spent in nature. A great way to feel more connected to nature and give your well-being a boost.

Set personal goals

Use the goals widget on your profile to set goals and then track your progress. More goals, more birds and more good habits. Set targets for Species, Time in Nature, Sessions and Days Wild by week, month or year to make sure you have the birding journey you want.

Build your lists

Birda automatically creates a number of time-based and location-based life lists so that you can easily keep track of your sightings and progress. If you choose to input your home location then you will get a Home list (40m radius) and a Patch list (10km radius). We’ll automatically add the sightings you log within these radiuses to these lists. This privacy zone is there for you for an extra layer of comfort and means the exact location of sightings at, or close to, your home are hidden to everyone except you.

Badges for the win (and the fun)

Who doesn’t love to win a cool badge? Birda has an array of badges that you can add to your stash from logging sightings to completing challenges. And then there’s all the ones that are just there for the fun of it, to make you feel good, motivated and offer surprises along the way.