Species Guide

Learn more with Birda’s species guide.

Bird identification can be tricky even for the seasoned birders amongst us. Our in-built species guide combines reference images with distribution maps and thousands of user photos to help you learn about the world’s bird species and identify your sightings with confidence.

A wealth of information

Learning more about our world’s bird species is key to improving your skills. With the Birda Species Guide, you can find plenty of information about every bird, including:

  • Clear reference images of both male and female, where applicable
  • Vectored maps covering the distribution of species around the world
  • Thousands of photos and sightings from Birda users

Seamless taxonomic integration

We understand that taxonomy can be complicated, especially if you are trying to compare species across taxonomic authorities and where a global community, like Birda, is using common names in multiple languages.


If this has all gone over your head – don’t worry, we’ve got you. When you download Birda, your taxonomic authority and language will be automatically selected based on what is commonly used in your country.


You’ll also find that our species’ common names are translated into over 19 different languages. Removing the headache of missing species or of seeing common bird names you aren’t familiar with.