Find the best birding locations near you.

Looking for the perfect birding spot? Use our interactive locations map and data from over 1 billion sightings records to discover new places to go birding – from the ones on your doorstep to the other side of the world.

1 billion records and counting

Combining up-to-the-minute/live sightings records from Birda users as well as over a billion bird sighting records from citizen scientists, you can find the best new places to go birding. Each birding spot will show you a list of species that have been seen there in the last decade and the likelihood of you catching a glimpse. Each species is also assigned a rarity score that is specific to the location so you can work out what your chances are of seeing a particular bird in any given month. A pretty handy tool for planning your next birding trip.

Smarter birdwatching

The ‘New for you’ tab helps you find birding locations that have sightings of birds that you have not seen yet. By using your life list on the app and the list of species recorded at a birding spot, we can create a unique list of birds that you could be in with a chance of seeing, allowing you to head straight to those spots to up your life list count.