Our guide to birds that represent love

Birds that symbolise love

When you think of birds and love, a pair of doves are probably the most likely image that springs to mind. Many a wedding celebration has seen the release of a couple of doves. And while the typical symbolic white doves are primarily bred in captivity, their greyer cousins are just as striking and just […]

Why is migration important for birds?

bird migration

Food and nesting space are simple answers! Birds migrate to improve their chances of survival and reproductive success, and while temperature may influence bird migration, birds can survive in very cold conditions. Their main reason for bird migrating is to follow their stomachs (aka food) and find safe spaces to nest. It’s one of the […]

How to attract birds to your garden?

Nesting birds are wonderful to observe, and it can be riveting to see a bird nesting close to your home. From those initial stages of finding a safe nesting spot and collecting nesting material, to the actual egg-laying stage. What a delight it is when the gift of eggs arrives, a sign of baby birds […]

Where to go birding in East Cork, Ireland

ddd Staycation on Ireland’s East Cork Bird Trail If you’re an East Cork local looking for safe lockdown activities then you’re in luck! There are phenomenal bird watching opportunities stretching over 100km East of the City of Cork. If you’re from further afield, then make sure you add East Cork to your list of birding destinations for when travel […]

Hummingbird facts & where are hummingbirds found

Cover image: Rufous-tailed Hummingbird by Romel Romero Did you know there are over 320 species of hummingbirds? These tiny birds are considered a great prize among many birders, both for their beauty and because of how difficult they can be to photograph! Identifying a hummingbird to the unpracticed eye can also be tricky. Knowing where the bird […]

Birdwatching for kids – get your children involved in birdwatching

Family time, birdwatching is an activity for everyone The memory of waking up early to drive to special places is a key takeaway from my childhood. Nature, wildlife, and especially keeping track of birdlife have all been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. My father always packed a bird […]