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Birdfy – ‘Picture this bird’ Photo Challenge

Photograph and log 10 bird species and win amazing Birdfy prizes.

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Overview: Birdfy Challenge

A picture is worth a thousand words and Birdfy is challenging you to spread the awesomeness of nature by taking and logging a photo of at least 10 different bird species! Do you fancy a chance of winning a Birdfy Feeder AI (RRP $249) and other great prizes? Then let the community enjoy the birds that you see.

Birdfy, with its series of bird feeders with powerful cameras and AI bird identification technology enrich life by providing a window into nature and the birds around you. This Birdfy challenge on Birda is focused on getting you to not only closely observe and identify birds but to get a photograph so you can share your experience with others. The great prizes are just the cheery on the cake!

Only have a smartphone? Don’t sweat it. Beginner photographer? Not a problem. Pro bird photographer? Great. Any photograph counts. Instead of asking your friends to “Picture this…” via words… show them!

Prizes will be attributed via random draw (Terms & Conditions apply).

The prizes

1st Prize: Birdfy Feeder AI + Solar Panel + Pro Perch + Coupon code for Birdfy Series

2nd Prize: Birdfy Feeder AI + Solar Panel + Coupon code for Birdfy Series

3rd Prize: Birdfy Cam AI (no feeder)+ Solar Panel + Coupon code for Birdfy Series

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