The Top 10 Birdwatching Parks in the USA

People looking at a sunset in a Top 10 Birdwatching Park in the US

National Parks in the USA draw in millions of people each year. Some go to enjoy hiking, but even more people visit National Parks for birdwatching. There are about 900 species of birds native to the USA, so you’re almost guaranteed to see birds no matter which park you go to.  Still, you’ll want to […]

A Guide To Bird watching Holidays

A guide birdwatching holiday

Are you thinking of going on a birdwatching trip? Heading away on a unique birdwatching tour can be a great way to experience new locations and animals. A quick Google search for birdwatching holidays in the UK will reveal hundreds of potential destinations, so how do you know which is right for you?    In […]

Birdwatching In London: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to birdwatching, London might not be the first place that springs to mind. However, the capital is a wonderful destination to see some of the UK’s most remarkable birds. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, birdwatching in London is proving an increasingly popular pastime, especially following the pandemic. Some […]

Everything You Need To Know About Urban Birdwatching

Are you looking to find out more about urban birdwatching? When people first start birding, they often assume that it will mean spending all day outside in nature and being far removed from other people. However, this is not the case, and you do not need to leave your town or city in order to […]

7 of the Best Birdwatching Apps in the UK

Identifying and recording what you have seen are two aspects of birdwatching that have seen huge improvements with the advent of smartphones. If you are still using a notepad to record your bird sightings, there is no better time than now to pack the notebook away and download a birdwatching identification and listing app.   […]

Our guide to birds that represent love

Birds that symbolise love

When you think of birds and love, a pair of doves are probably the most likely image that springs to mind. Many a wedding celebration has seen the release of a couple of doves. And while the typical symbolic white doves are primarily bred in captivity, their greyer cousins are just as striking and just […]

How to start birdwatching – a helpful guide for beginners

Birdwatching Red-necked Stints

Congratulations on starting your journey to become one of the millions of birdwatchers across the globe! Apart from being a fun and exciting hobby for people of all ages, the physical and mental activity involved in birdwatching is good for your general wellbeing. Birdwatching doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby so don’t let budget […]

Why is migration important for birds?

bird migration

Food and nesting space are simple answers! Birds migrate to improve their chances of survival and reproductive success, and while temperature may influence bird migration, birds can survive in very cold conditions. Their main reason for bird migrating is to follow their stomachs (aka food) and find safe spaces to nest. It’s one of the […]

Top birdwatching destinations in the world

Top birding locations - Birds in the sky against the sunset

Where to go birding? The world’s appetite for getting outdoors has become super evident since the advent of the pandemic. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that people are looking for safe activities to do outside. It is no longer something that only the die-hard adventurer seeks. More people are looking for accessible outdoor places to explore. […]

The best US states for bird watching, a Helpful Illustrated Guide

The Best US States For Birdwatching - map of USA with state names

So, you’ve got major gaps in your life list and grown a little tired of your backyard American Robin! It’s time to plan a trip to spy some new plumage! You’re looking to maximise the bang for your buck so the choice for most people would be to start by looking at the states with […]

Karoo national park birding – Embizweni Cottage

Embizweni Cottage in Karoo National Park

A 4:30am alarm is early, even when you are going on holiday. Our first stop on a 10-day road trip to Durban is in Karoo National Park, just outside the N1 town of Beaufort West. This was to be our second visit to the park but our first with a 4×4 and hence our newfound […]

Birds of Kruger National Park – a checklist

Kruger National Park Birding Checklist

This Kruger National Park Birding Checklist is compiled from over 13 million SABAP2 records for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The checklist includes a count of the number of times each species has been recorded in SABAP2 for both South Africa and Kruger National Park. This will provide users with a good indication of how […]

Best lightweight binoculars for birdwatching In 2022

When you are looking for the best lightweight birding binoculars, most of us are trying to find a balance between weight, high quality optics, durability and value for money.In this post, I am going to take a high level look at a variety of lightweight binoculars that will hopefully cover the needs of everyone from […]

Garden Bird Bingo – UK Edition

Bingo or “Beano” as it was originally called in the United States, is a hugely popular numbers game that dates back to the mid-1500’s. It started in Italy as the Italian Lottery or “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”, where players had cards with numbers in rows, winning numbers were drawn from a sack and players […]

How to attract birds to your garden?

Nesting birds are wonderful to observe, and it can be riveting to see a bird nesting close to your home. From those initial stages of finding a safe nesting spot and collecting nesting material, to the actual egg-laying stage. What a delight it is when the gift of eggs arrives, a sign of baby birds […]

Famous birdwatchers & birdwatching celebrities

Famous Birders - Birdwatching Celebrities

There is a misconception that most birdwatchers are from the blue-rinse retiree section of society. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when you start digging around, we found that there is a huge diversity of famous birdwatching celebrities, from presidents and prime ministers to actors, musicians, scientists and royalty. I think you’ll […]

Rare birds in Kruger National Park

A rare vulture in flight - this bird had a red face and brown wings

The rare birds of Kruger National Park is a list of South African species that are generally only seen in Kruger National Park. For example, 2,956 of the 2,981 (99%) of Yellow-billed Oxpecker sightings were seen in Kruger National Park. So, it’s safe to say that Kruger is the place to visit if you want […]

Country with most bird species

Colombia, the country with most bird species

Colombia is without doubt the country with the most bird species. The exact number of bird species in Columbia however depends on who is counting! How we found the country with the most bird species Accoring to Birdlife International, columbia is home to 1,878 species of bird. Avibase on the other hand counts species based on many different […]

Top Bird Hides in Cape Town

Bird Hides

There is nothing like relaxing in a nice bird hide and settling in for a good days birding. If you are living in or visiting Cape Town, there are myriad beautiful places to visit for some great birding. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Table Mountain and Cape Point are all spectacular and well-known locations to spot our […]