Birds In Flight Photography: How To Capture The Perfect Show

Are you looking to take up the challenge of photographing birds in flight? This can be an incredibly rewarding activity and can add a whole new dimension to your birdwatching. However, if you have never done it before, it can also be a highly frustrating process!   Bird in flight photography (or BIF) requires a […]

The Best Lens for Bird Photography

The question of what might be “the best” lens for any subject has been a contentious subject for years. It’s often an argument tossed around by amateur photographers through to experts and professionals with very little in the way of a definitive answer. This is because there are a few factors to consider before splashing […]

14 Best Cameras for Bird Photography

If you’re ready to make the exciting transition from observing birds to photographing them, you might be a bit overwhelmed when looking for a camera. From the Nikon D850 to the Sony a9, there is a huge variety to choose from. The first step into the universe of birda photography is to choose the camera […]

A guide to garden bird photography

Garden bird photography

Birdwatching and photography often go hand-in-hand. Knowing how to take a great photo is an excellent way to enjoy the experience forever.

Best Focal Length for Bird Photography?

Best Focal Length For Bird Photography - long lens photographer

Variable focal length lenses with a maximum focal length of between 400mm and 600mm are by far the most popular lenses for bird photography as they provide 8X magnification at 400mm and 12X magnification at 600mm when shooting with a full frame sensor camera.