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Hackernoon considers Birda a Top App for Nature Lovers

There are plenty of good apps for Nature lovers out there so it can be hard to choose which one to use. Hackernoon has had a look at the best 7 apps for people that like spending time in nature and we are happy to report that the Birda app has been featured! Hackernoon is a hugely popular online tech publication, featuring articles created by tech experts. We couldn’t be happier that they’ve written great things about the Birda app!

If you are unsure about a bird you spotted or need more details about a bird, you can upload a picture of the bird to the community for more details. Also, the app makes it easy to increase your birding knowledge and keep a record of your progress.

According to their article 7 Best Outdoor Apps for Nature Lovers, Birda is one of the best outdoor apps for bird and nature lovers who are into birdwatching. They applaud our user-friendly interface, incredible features, and inclusive community, and we’re over the moon. See what our community has to say!

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