ZEISS Autumn Challenge 2023

Log 5 bird species (out of the 25 species listed) in the UK this Autumn and be in with a chance to win a ZEISS DTI 1 1/19 Thermal Imaging Camera!

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Have you seen them yet? Autumn is here and it brings new feathered visitors to the UK, along with some garden favourites. Good manners dictate that all be greeted, so ZEISS has created a challenge for you; along with a chance to win a stellar DTI Thermal Imaging Camera!

This Autumn try to see deeper into nature by spotting at least 5 (or all..) of our special Autumn bird list below. We have set out 25 species for you to look for, although, without using a thermal imaging camera some like the Tawny Owl and the Snipe are slightly harder to find – but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy!

Prize will be attributed via random draw (Terms & Conditions apply).

Using the ZEISS DTI 4/35 at Redshank Hide, Egleton, Rutland

The prizes

Win a ZEISS DTI 1 1/19 Thermal Imaging Camera (RRP £1,475)

The List

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