ZEISS – One Eye on Nature Challenge

Log 5 bird species around your home (UK only) and win amazing ZEISS prizes.

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Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary! This Spring, ZEISS invites you to embrace the beauty of nature right from your home. Your challenge? Spot and record 5 remarkable birds that visit or pass by your garden, house, or apartment. Seize the opportunity to win a ZEISS Secacam 7 or a ZEISS Secacam 5. Don’t have a garden? Not to worry! Your apartment window can become your exclusive birdwatching spot. As the Spring migration kicks off, get ready for a mix of familiar faces and exciting new arrivals.

We get that for some of you this may seem an easy task…but you can always compete for the top spot on the leaderboard! 

Prizes will be attributed via random draw (Terms & Conditions apply).

birdwatcher with ZEISS trail camera

The prizes

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