Birds of Kruger National Park – a checklist

This Kruger National Park Birding Checklist is compiled from over 13 million SABAP2 records for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The checklist includes a count of the number of times each species has been recorded in SABAP2 for both South Africa and Kruger National Park. This will provide users with a good indication of how frequently the species is seen in Kruger. As you will see from these observation counts, there are a number of species that have only been seen in Kruger a handfull of times. These species are classified as extreme vagrants and do not normally make up part of the KNP’s avifauna.

Download the Kruger National Park Birding Checklist: Excel or PDF

What is SABAP2 (aka Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2)?

“SABAP2 is a citizen science project that is driven by the energy of several hundred volunteers who are mapping the distribution of birds across several southern African countries. SABAP2 is the follow-up project to the Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP1), which took place from 1987-1991. The second bird atlas project started on 1 July 2007 and is still growing. The project aims to map the distribution and relative abundance of birds in southern Africa and includes: South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, eSwatini, Zimbabwe, Zambia. To gather data, volunteers select a geographical ‘pentad’ on a map and record all the bird species seen within a set time frame, in order of species seen. This information is uploaded to the SABAP2 database and is used for research and analysis by several different agencies, including the South African National Biodiversity Institute, BirdLife South Africa, as well as academics and students at various universities.” ADU

How did I generate this birding checklist from the SABAP2 data?

The Kruger National Park Birding Checklist compiled using SABAP2 data downloaded from (7 October 2019) GBIF Occurrence Download, all 13 million records of it! Working with this much data is not a simple task so I had to import the 6.7GB csv file into a database and manipulate the data from there.

The first step in compiling the lists was to count the number of SABAP2 observations of each species in South Africa. The second step was to count the number of SABAP2 observations for each species in Kruger National Park. The third step was to simply divide the number of Kruger observations by the number of South African observations to find the proportion of observations originating from Kruger. For example, SABAP2 has 129 records for Dickinson’s Kestrel and 128 of these records are from Kruger National Park.

The full Kruger National Park Birding Checklist

IOC GroupIOC Common NameCount of Kruger National Park SABAP2 Observations
African & New World ParrotsBrown-headed Parrot8,033
African & New World ParrotsCape Parrot660
African & New World ParrotsMeyer’s Parrot61
African and Green BroadbillsAfrican Broadbill3
African BarbetsAcacia Pied Barbet2,066
African BarbetsBlack-collared Barbet9,911
African BarbetsCrested Barbet12,102
African BarbetsYellow-fronted Tinkerbird2,507
African BarbetsYellow-rumped Tinkerbird939
Anhingas, DartersAfrican Darter2,017
Barn OwlsAfrican Grass Owl1
Barn OwlsWestern Barn Owl1,181
Bee-eatersBlue-cheeked Bee-eater282
Bee-eatersEuropean Bee-eater7,963
Bee-eatersLittle Bee-eater4,767
Bee-eatersNorthern Carmine Bee-eater2,670
Bee-eatersSwallow-tailed Bee-eater21
Bee-eatersWhite-fronted Bee-eater6,926
BulbulsDark-capped bulbul16,330
BulbulsSombre Greenbul6,674
BulbulsTerrestrial Brownbul2,687
BulbulsYellow-bellied Greenbul2,151
BulbulsYellow-streaked Greenbul5
BuntingsCape Bunting1
BuntingsCinnamon-breasted Bunting4,270
BuntingsGolden-breasted Bunting7,330
BuntingsLark-like Bunting171
BushshrikesBlack-backed Puffback15,649
BushshrikesBlack-crowned Tchagra9,117
BushshrikesBlack-fronted Bushshrike4
BushshrikesBrown-crowned Tchagra7,466
BushshrikesCrimson-breasted Shrike21
BushshrikesEthiopian Boubou1,504
BushshrikesGorgeous Bushshrike1,560
BushshrikesGrey-headed Bushshrike8,051
BushshrikesOlive Bushshrike363
BushshrikesOrange-breasted Bushshrike10,444
BushshrikesSouthern Boubou4,766
BushshrikesSouthern Tchagra2
BustardsBlack-bellied Bustard822
BustardsKori Bustard1,385
BustardsRed-crested Korhaan6,943
ButtonquailCommon Buttonquail957
Caracaras, FalconsAfrican Hobby1
Caracaras, FalconsAmur Falcon1,678
Caracaras, FalconsDickinson’s Kestrel128
Caracaras, FalconsEurasian Hobby468
Caracaras, FalconsLanner Falcon367
Caracaras, FalconsLesser Kestrel91
Caracaras, FalconsPeregrine Falcon250
Caracaras, FalconsRed-footed Falcon7
Caracaras, FalconsRock kestrel110
Caracaras, FalconsSooty Falcon29
Chats, Old World FlycatchersAfrican Dusky Flycatcher1,187
Chats, Old World FlycatchersAfrican Stonechat1,181
Chats, Old World FlycatchersArnot’s chat166
Chats, Old World FlycatchersAshy flycatcher3,151
Chats, Old World FlycatchersBearded Scrub Robin1,581
Chats, Old World FlycatchersBrown scrub robin10
Chats, Old World FlycatchersCape robin-chat758
Chats, Old World FlycatchersCape Rock Thrush7
Chats, Old World FlycatchersCapped Wheatear32
Chats, Old World FlycatchersChorister Robin-Chat32
Chats, Old World FlycatchersCollared Palm Thrush10
Chats, Old World FlycatchersFamiliar Chat510
Chats, Old World FlycatchersFiscal flycatcher187
Chats, Old World FlycatchersGrey tit-flycatcher3,044
Chats, Old World FlycatchersMarico Flycatcher203
Chats, Old World FlycatchersMocking Cliff Chat1,129
Chats, Old World FlycatchersNorthern Wheatear12
Chats, Old World FlycatchersPale flycatcher860
Chats, Old World FlycatchersRed-capped Robin-Chat1,452
Chats, Old World FlycatchersSouthern Black Flycatcher6,836
Chats, Old World FlycatchersThrush Nightingale24
Chats, Old World FlycatchersWhite-browed Robin-Chat5,765
Chats, Old World FlycatchersWhite-browed scrub robin12,968
Chats, Old World FlycatchersWhite-starred Robin7
Chats, Old World FlycatchersWhite-throated robin-chat3,502
Cisticolas & AlliesBarred Wren-Warbler4
Cisticolas & AlliesBar-throated Apalis1,602
Cisticolas & AlliesBlack-chested Prinia6
Cisticolas & AlliesBurnt-necked Eremomela1,709
Cisticolas & AlliesCroaking Cisticola907
Cisticolas & AlliesDesert Cisticola257
Cisticolas & AlliesDrakensberg Prinia22
Cisticolas & AlliesGreen-backed Camaroptera7,422
Cisticolas & AlliesGreen-capped Eremomela592
Cisticolas & AlliesGrey-backed camaroptera2,066
Cisticolas & AlliesLazy Cisticola884
Cisticolas & AlliesLevaillant’s Cisticola367
Cisticolas & AlliesNeddicky2,794
Cisticolas & AlliesRattling Cisticola15,558
Cisticolas & AlliesRed-faced Cisticola5,439
Cisticolas & AlliesRudd’s Apalis16
Cisticolas & AlliesRufous-winged Cisticola127
Cisticolas & AlliesStierling’s Wren-Warbler2,165
Cisticolas & AlliesTawny-flanked Prinia14,121
Cisticolas & AlliesWailing Cisticola2
Cisticolas & AlliesWing-snapping Cisticola1
Cisticolas & AlliesYellow-bellied Eremomela636
Cisticolas & AlliesYellow-breasted Apalis7,933
Cisticolas & AlliesZitting Cisticola2,126
Cormorants, ShagsReed Cormorant4,041
Cormorants, ShagsWhite-breasted cormorant1,861
Coursers, PratincolesBlack-winged Pratincole3
Coursers, PratincolesBronze-winged Courser854
Coursers, PratincolesCollared Pratincole465
Coursers, PratincolesDouble-banded courser1
Coursers, PratincolesTemminck’s Courser674
Coursers, PratincolesThree-banded Courser263
Crombecs, African WarblersCape Grassbird471
Crombecs, African WarblersLong-billed Crombec13,461
Crows, JaysCape Crow3
Crows, JaysPied Crow2,080
Crows, JaysWhite-necked Raven7
CuckoosAfrican Cuckoo1,171
CuckoosAfrican Emerald Cuckoo31
CuckoosBlack Coucal22
CuckoosBlack Cuckoo1,167
CuckoosCommon Cuckoo197
CuckoosDiederik Cuckoo5,358
CuckoosGreat Spotted Cuckoo603
CuckoosJacobin Cuckoo3,524
CuckoosKlaas’s Cuckoo3,428
CuckoosLevaillant’s Cuckoo2,471
CuckoosMadagascan Cuckoo5
CuckoosRed-chested Cuckoo3,248
CuckoosSenegal Coucal129
CuckoosThick-billed Cuckoo123
CuckoosWhite-browed Coucal8,531
CuckooshrikesBlack Cuckooshrike2,623
CuckooshrikesGrey cuckooshrike27
CuckooshrikesWhite-breasted Cuckooshrike56
DrongosCommon Square-tailed Drongo18
DrongosFork-tailed Drongo21,319
Ducks, Geese, SwansAfrican Black Duck730
Ducks, Geese, SwansAfrican Pygmy Goose36
Ducks, Geese, SwansCape Shoveler1
Ducks, Geese, SwansCape Teal35
Ducks, Geese, SwansEgyptian Goose14,574
Ducks, Geese, SwansFulvous Whistling Duck29
Ducks, Geese, SwansHottentot Teal31
Ducks, Geese, SwansKnob-billed Duck1,803
Ducks, Geese, SwansMallard42
Ducks, Geese, SwansRed-billed Teal226
Ducks, Geese, SwansSouthern Pochard33
Ducks, Geese, SwansSpur-winged Goose1,243
Ducks, Geese, SwansWhite-backed Duck27
Ducks, Geese, SwansWhite-faced Whistling Duck3,743
Ducks, Geese, SwansYellow-billed Duck65
Fairy FlycatchersFairy Flycatcher2
Figbirds, Orioles, TurnagraAfrican Golden Oriole67
Figbirds, Orioles, TurnagraBlack-headed Oriole12,533
Figbirds, Orioles, TurnagraEurasian Golden Oriole882
Finches, EuphoniasBlack-throated Canary4
Finches, EuphoniasBrimstone Canary597
Finches, EuphoniasCape Canary122
Finches, EuphoniasForest Canary13
Finches, EuphoniasLemon-breasted Canary301
Finches, EuphoniasStreaky-headed Seedeater1,315
FinfootsAfrican Finfoot129
FlamingosAmerican Flamingo56
FlamingosLesser Flamingo26
FlufftailsBuff-spotted Flufftail50
FlufftailsRed-chested Flufftail53
Grassbirds & AlliesBarratt’s Warbler3
Grassbirds & AlliesFan-tailed Grassbird47
Grassbirds & AlliesLittle Rush Warbler860
Grassbirds & AlliesRiver Warbler9
GrebesLittle Grebe886
Ground HornbillsSouthern Ground Hornbill3,795
GuineafowlCrested Guineafowl605
GuineafowlHelmeted Guineafowl10,721
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersAfrican Skimmer33
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersCommon Tern1
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersGrey-headed gull86
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersSooty tern2
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersWhiskered Tern137
Gulls, Terns, SkimmersWhite-winged Tern50
Herons, BitternsBlack Heron107
Herons, BitternsBlack-crowned Night Heron388
Herons, BitternsBlack-headed Heron943
Herons, BitternsDwarf Bittern238
Herons, BitternsGoliath Heron3,509
Herons, BitternsGreat Egret3,894
Herons, BitternsGrey Heron7,949
Herons, BitternsIntermediate egret594
Herons, BitternsLittle Bittern137
Herons, BitternsLittle Egret3,199
Herons, BitternsPurple Heron1,160
Herons, BitternsRufous-bellied Heron1
Herons, BitternsSlaty Egret1
Herons, BitternsSquacco Heron970
Herons, BitternsStriated Heron5,366
Herons, BitternsWestern Cattle Egret4,644
Herons, BitternsWhite-backed night heron100
HoneyguidesBrown-backed Honeybird278
HoneyguidesGreater Honeyguide1,590
HoneyguidesLesser Honeyguide1,146
HoneyguidesScaly-throated Honeyguide281
HoopoesEurasian Hoopoe7,483
HornbillsAfrican grey hornbill12,991
HornbillsCrowned hornbill1,197
HornbillsDamara Red-billed Hornbill13
HornbillsNorthern Red-billed Hornbill12,974
HornbillsSouthern red-billed hornbill15
HornbillsSouthern Yellow-billed Hornbill18,102
HornbillsTrumpeter Hornbill1,631
HyliotasSouthern Hyliota5
Ibises, SpoonbillsAfrican Sacred Ibis820
Ibises, SpoonbillsAfrican Spoonbill2,716
Ibises, SpoonbillsGlossy Ibis421
Ibises, SpoonbillsHadada Ibis10,154
Ibises, SpoonbillsSouthern Bald Ibis57
Indigobirds, WhydahsCuckoo-finch55
Indigobirds, WhydahsDusky Indigobird1,017
Indigobirds, WhydahsLong-tailed Paradise Whydah2,444
Indigobirds, WhydahsPin-tailed Whydah3,091
Indigobirds, WhydahsPurple Indigobird548
Indigobirds, WhydahsShaft-tailed Whydah133
Indigobirds, WhydahsVillage Indigobird1,769
JacanasAfrican Jacana4,964
JacanasLesser Jacana26
KingfishersAfrican pygmy kingfisher519
KingfishersBrown-hooded Kingfisher11,723
KingfishersGiant Kingfisher3,358
KingfishersGrey-headed Kingfisher419
KingfishersHalf-collared Kingfisher179
KingfishersMalachite kingfisher2,401
KingfishersPied Kingfisher7,511
KingfishersStriped Kingfisher2,285
KingfishersWoodland Kingfisher8,860
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Cuckoo-Hawk126
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Fish Eagle11,310
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Goshawk1,805
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Harrier-Hawk2,180
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Hawk-Eagle2,870
Kites, Hawks, EaglesAfrican Marsh Harrier6
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBat Hawk136
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBateleur13,748
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBlack Kite89
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBlack Sparrowhawk170
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBlack-chested Snake Eagle1,114
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBlack-winged Kite2,727
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBooted Eagle90
Kites, Hawks, EaglesBrown Snake Eagle5,065
Kites, Hawks, EaglesCape Vulture1,053
Kites, Hawks, EaglesCommon buzzard1,513
Kites, Hawks, EaglesCrowned Eagle259
Kites, Hawks, EaglesDark Chanting Goshawk1,441
Kites, Hawks, EaglesEgyptian vulture4
Kites, Hawks, EaglesEuropean Honey Buzzard45
Kites, Hawks, EaglesForest Buzzard6
Kites, Hawks, EaglesGabar Goshawk1,501
Kites, Hawks, EaglesHooded Vulture3,130
Kites, Hawks, EaglesJackal Buzzard38
Kites, Hawks, EaglesLappet-faced vulture2,543
Kites, Hawks, EaglesLesser spotted eagle1,089
Kites, Hawks, EaglesLittle Sparrowhawk1,382
Kites, Hawks, EaglesLizard Buzzard1,128
Kites, Hawks, EaglesLong-crested Eagle540
Kites, Hawks, EaglesMartial Eagle3,417
Kites, Hawks, EaglesMontagu’s Harrier72
Kites, Hawks, EaglesOvambo Sparrowhawk80
Kites, Hawks, EaglesPallid Harrier105
Kites, Hawks, EaglesPalm-nut Vulture6
Kites, Hawks, EaglesShikra771
Kites, Hawks, EaglesSteppe Eagle426
Kites, Hawks, EaglesTawny Eagle5,393
Kites, Hawks, EaglesVerreaux’s Eagle215
Kites, Hawks, EaglesWahlberg’s Eagle5,577
Kites, Hawks, EaglesWhite-backed Vulture11,998
Kites, Hawks, EaglesWhite-headed Vulture1,746
LarksChestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark1,323
LarksDusky Lark684
LarksFawn-colored Lark30
LarksFlappet Lark624
LarksGrey-backed Sparrow-Lark31
LarksMonotonous Lark984
LarksRed-capped Lark181
LarksRufous-naped Lark2,410
LarksSabota Lark6,180
Laughingthrushes & AlliesArrow-marked Babbler15,396
Leaf Warblers & AlliesWillow Warbler2,626
Leaf Warblers & AlliesYellow-throated Woodland Warbler8
MonarchsAfrican Paradise Flycatcher6,060
MonarchsBlue-mantled Crested Flycatcher38
MousebirdsRed-faced Mousebird7,218
MousebirdsSpeckled Mousebird6,020
New World WarblersBlackpoll Warbler4,342
NicatorsEastern Nicator796
NightjarsEuropean Nightjar369
NightjarsFiery-necked Nightjar2,952
NightjarsFreckled Nightjar710
NightjarsPennant-winged nightjar124
NightjarsRufous-cheeked Nightjar96
NightjarsSquare-tailed Nightjar1,545
Old World ParrotsRose-ringed Parakeet4
Old World Sparrows, SnowfinchesCape Sparrow182
Old World Sparrows, SnowfinchesHouse Sparrow4,673
Old World Sparrows, SnowfinchesNorthern Grey-headed Sparrow3
Old World Sparrows, SnowfinchesSouthern Grey-headed Sparrow13,463
Old World Sparrows, SnowfinchesYellow-throated Bush Sparrow3,418
OspreysWestern Osprey221
OstrichesCommon Ostrich1,539
OwlsAfrican Barred Owlet922
OwlsAfrican Scops Owl2,950
OwlsAfrican Wood Owl492
OwlsCape Eagle-Owl38
OwlsPearl-spotted Owlet5,014
OwlsPel’s Fishing Owl127
OwlsSouthern White-faced Owl582
OwlsSpotted Eagle-Owl873
OwlsVerreaux’s Eagle-Owl2,120
OxpeckersRed-billed oxpecker13,974
OxpeckersYellow-billed Oxpecker2,956
Painted-snipesGreater Painted-snipe472
PelicansGreat White Pelican42
PelicansPink-backed Pelican21
Penduline TitsGrey Penduline Tit1,103
Pheasants & AlliesCommon Quail143
Pheasants & AlliesCoqui francolin683
Pheasants & AlliesCrested Francolin12,137
Pheasants & AlliesHarlequin Quail582
Pheasants & AlliesIndian Peafowl10
Pheasants & AlliesNatal spurfowl16,068
Pheasants & AlliesRed-necked spurfowl5
Pheasants & AlliesRed-winged francolin1
Pheasants & AlliesShelley’s francolin287
Pheasants & AlliesSwainson’s spurfowl10,362
Pigeons, DovesAfrican Green Pigeon7,025
Pigeons, DovesAfrican Olive Pigeon54
Pigeons, DovesBlue-spotted Wood Dove9
Pigeons, DovesEmerald-spotted Wood Dove16,173
Pigeons, DovesLaughing dove18,164
Pigeons, DovesLemon dove27
Pigeons, DovesMourning Collared Dove2,927
Pigeons, DovesNamaqua Dove3,604
Pigeons, DovesRed-eyed Dove8,145
Pigeons, DovesRing-necked Dove20,339
Pigeons, DovesRock Dove607
Pigeons, DovesSpeckled Pigeon241
Pigeons, DovesTambourine Dove1,149
PloversAfrican Wattled Lapwing1,726
PloversBlacksmith Lapwing13,943
PloversBlack-winged Lapwing2
PloversCaspian Plover15
PloversChestnut-banded Plover3
PloversCommon Ringed Plover47
PloversCrowned Lapwing6,321
PloversKittlitz’s Plover656
PloversSenegal Lapwing1,027
PloversThree-banded Plover9,425
PloversWhite-crowned Lapwing2,219
PloversWhite-fronted Plover635
Rails, Crakes & CootsAfrican Crake44
Rails, Crakes & CootsAfrican Rail18
Rails, Crakes & CootsAllen’s Gallinule28
Rails, Crakes & CootsBlack crake4,877
Rails, Crakes & CootsCommon Moorhen533
Rails, Crakes & CootsCorn Crake12
Rails, Crakes & CootsLesser Moorhen79
Rails, Crakes & CootsRed-knobbed Coot65
Rails, Crakes & CootsStriped crake6
Rails, Crakes & CootsWestern Swamphen49
Reed Warblers & AlliesAfrican reed warbler414
Reed Warblers & AlliesAfrican Yellow Warbler374
Reed Warblers & AlliesGreat Reed Warbler162
Reed Warblers & AlliesIcterine Warbler291
Reed Warblers & AlliesLesser Swamp Warbler706
Reed Warblers & AlliesMarsh Warbler531
Reed Warblers & AlliesOlive-tree Warbler245
Reed Warblers & AlliesSedge Warbler23
RollersBroad-billed Roller1,399
RollersEuropean Roller6,526
RollersLilac-breasted Roller16,355
RollersPurple Roller3,872
RollersRacket-tailed Roller166
SandgrouseDouble-banded Sandgrouse2,995
Sandpipers, SnipesAfrican Snipe17
Sandpipers, SnipesBar-tailed Godwit1
Sandpipers, SnipesCommon Greenshank2,748
Sandpipers, SnipesCommon Sandpiper2,723
Sandpipers, SnipesCurlew Sandpiper138
Sandpipers, SnipesGreen Sandpiper33
Sandpipers, SnipesLittle Stint398
Sandpipers, SnipesMarsh Sandpiper525
Sandpipers, SnipesPectoral Sandpiper5
Sandpipers, SnipesRed Phalarope1
Sandpipers, SnipesRuff627
Sandpipers, SnipesWood Sandpiper4,358
ShrikesLesser Grey Shrike1,789
ShrikesMagpie Shrike12,527
ShrikesRed-backed Shrike6,863
ShrikesSouthern Fiscal1,508
ShrikesSouthern White-crowned Shrike3,349
Starlings, RhabdornisBlack-bellied starling56
Starlings, RhabdornisBurchell’s Starling9,487
Starlings, RhabdornisCape Starling13,839
Starlings, RhabdornisCommon Myna2,033
Starlings, RhabdornisGreater Blue-eared Starling9,706
Starlings, RhabdornisMeves’s Starling1,981
Starlings, RhabdornisMiombo Blue-eared Starling3
Starlings, RhabdornisRed-winged Starling2,770
Starlings, RhabdornisViolet-backed Starling5,469
Starlings, RhabdornisWattled Starling4,153
Stilts, AvocetsBlack-winged Stilt2,611
Stilts, AvocetsPied Avocet67
Stone-curlews, Thick-kneesSpotted Thick-knee1,299
Stone-curlews, Thick-kneesWater Thick-knee8,286
StorksAbdim’s Stork135
StorksAfrican Openbill2,155
StorksBlack Stork1,091
StorksMarabou stork3,735
StorksSaddle-billed Stork4,552
StorksWhite Stork664
StorksWoolly-necked Stork2,389
StorksYellow-billed Stork3,298
SunbirdsAmethyst Sunbird2,210
SunbirdsCollared Sunbird4,130
SunbirdsGreater Double-collared Sunbird382
SunbirdsMalachite Sunbird5
SunbirdsMarico Sunbird4,736
SunbirdsOlive Sunbird230
SunbirdsPurple-banded Sunbird245
SunbirdsScarlet-chested Sunbird4,046
SunbirdsSouthern Double-collared Sunbird163
SunbirdsWhite-bellied Sunbird11,187
Swallows, MartinsBanded martin9
Swallows, MartinsBarn Swallow10,169
Swallows, MartinsBrown-throated Martin1,443
Swallows, MartinsCommon House Martin1,200
Swallows, MartinsGreater Striped Swallow455
Swallows, MartinsGrey-rumped Swallow1,489
Swallows, MartinsLesser Striped Swallow9,187
Swallows, MartinsMosque Swallow1,825
Swallows, MartinsPearl-breasted Swallow229
Swallows, MartinsRed-breasted Swallow3,134
Swallows, MartinsRock Martin866
Swallows, MartinsSand Martin44
Swallows, MartinsSouth African Cliff Swallow1
Swallows, MartinsWhite-throated Swallow596
Swallows, MartinsWire-tailed Swallow7,051
SwiftsAfrican Black Swift903
SwiftsAfrican Palm Swift7,805
SwiftsAlpine swift855
SwiftsBöhm’s Spinetail269
SwiftsCommon Swift326
SwiftsHorus Swift525
SwiftsLittle Swift9,929
SwiftsMottled Spinetail120
SwiftsWhite-rumped Swift3,712
Sylviid BabblersCommon Whitethroat15
Sylviid BabblersGarden Warbler67
ThrushesGroundscraper Thrush2,531
ThrushesKaroo Thrush15
ThrushesKurrichane Thrush7,366
ThrushesOlive Thrush56
Tits, ChickadeesSouthern black tit10,614
TrogonsNarina Trogon91
TuracosGrey Go-away-bird16,946
TuracosKnysna Turaco33
Vangas & AlliesRetz’s Helmetshrike2,309
Vangas & AlliesWhite-crested Helmetshrike5,302
Wagtails, PipitsAfrican Pied Wagtail8,508
Wagtails, PipitsAfrican Pipit3,394
Wagtails, PipitsBuffy Pipit301
Wagtails, PipitsBushveld Pipit500
Wagtails, PipitsCape Wagtail962
Wagtails, PipitsLong-billed Pipit9
Wagtails, PipitsMountain Wagtail246
Wagtails, PipitsPlain-backed Pipit84
Wagtails, PipitsStriped Pipit220
Wagtails, PipitsTree Pipit1
Wagtails, PipitsWestern Yellow Wagtail9
Wagtails, PipitsYellow-throated Longclaw1,806
Wattle-eyes, BatisesBlack-throated Wattle-eye291
Wattle-eyes, BatisesCape Batis184
Wattle-eyes, BatisesChinspot Batis14,497
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesAfrican Firefinch2,253
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesBlack-and-white Mannikin264
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesBlack-faced Waxbill4
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesBlue Waxbill16,031
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesBronze mannikin3,355
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesBrown Firefinch160
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesCommon Waxbill3,615
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesCut-throat Finch1,654
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesGreen-winged Pytilia4,263
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesGrey Waxbill1
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesJameson’s Firefinch2,749
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesMagpie Mannikin39
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesOrange-breasted Waxbill198
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesOrange-winged Pytilia73
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesPink-throated Twinspot28
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesQuailfinch268
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesRed-billed Firefinch4,414
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesRed-headed Finch111
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesSwee Waxbill47
Waxbills, Munias & AlliesViolet-eared Waxbill199
Weavers, WidowbirdsCape Weaver348
Weavers, WidowbirdsDark-backed Weaver1
Weavers, WidowbirdsEastern Golden Weaver17
Weavers, WidowbirdsFan-tailed Widowbird939
Weavers, WidowbirdsHolub’s Golden Weaver1,210
Weavers, WidowbirdsLesser Masked Weaver3,717
Weavers, WidowbirdsLong-tailed Widowbird2
Weavers, WidowbirdsRed-billed Buffalo Weaver7,669
Weavers, WidowbirdsRed-billed Quelea8,667
Weavers, WidowbirdsRed-collared Widowbird1,289
Weavers, WidowbirdsScaly-feathered Weaver9
Weavers, WidowbirdsSouthern Brown-throated Weaver47
Weavers, WidowbirdsSouthern Masked Weaver4,691
Weavers, WidowbirdsSouthern Red Bishop2,200
Weavers, WidowbirdsSpectacled Weaver6,058
Weavers, WidowbirdsThick-billed Weaver1,888
Weavers, WidowbirdsVillage Weaver3,187
Weavers, WidowbirdsWhite-browed Sparrow-Weaver133
Weavers, WidowbirdsWhite-winged Widowbird2,870
Weavers, WidowbirdsYellow-crowned Bishop49
White-eyesNorthern Yellow White-eye298
Wood HoopoesCommon Scimitarbill5,427
Wood HoopoesGreen Wood Hoopoe9,599
WoodpeckersBearded Woodpecker4,538
WoodpeckersBennett’s Woodpecker1,433
WoodpeckersCardinal Woodpecker6,191
WoodpeckersGolden-tailed Woodpecker6,875
WoodpeckersOlive Woodpecker187
WoodpeckersRed-throated Wryneck368

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