Benefits of Birdwatching

Benefits of birdwatching - woman under birds

Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing hobbies around. Millions of people find enjoyment in heading outside, whatever the weather, to look for feathery friends. There’s something hugely enjoyable about birding and, when asked about the benefits of birdwatching, most people will suggest the physical and social benefits. Recent scientific evidence however suggests that there […]

Hummingbird facts & where are hummingbirds found

A Rufous-tailed hummingbird balances on a slender branch, showcasing its intricate feathers and vivid colours.

Cover image: Rufous-tailed Hummingbird by Romel Romero Did you know there are over 320 species of hummingbirds? These tiny birds are considered a great prize among many birders, both for their beauty and because of how difficult they can be to photograph! Identifying a hummingbird to the unpracticed eye can also be tricky. Knowing where the bird […]

Easy crafts for kids – homemade birdfeeders

An image of bird feeders and two delighted girls proudly holding their homemade birdfeeders, encouraging hands-on learning.

With winter fast approaching here in Cape Town, bird feeders are a good way to help out our feathered friends when food is more scarce. We already have a wooden birdhouse feeder that is a popular eating spot for some of our regular garden visitors, such as the Swee Waxbill, Red-eyed Dove and Forest Canary, […]

Easy crafts for kids – how to make binoculars that work

A young child proudly holds binoculars, ready for a birdwatching adventure.

It is always great to discover new ideas for keeping your kids busy during holiday times or weekends, but particularly now, when we have been trapped in ‘COVID-19 Lockdown’, for what seems like in an interminable amount of time. And with all the toilet-roll stock piling that’s been happening in recent weeks, we’ve found a […]