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The Mirror shares our thoughts about the Benefits of Being Outdoors


Topic: Spending time outside

The Mirror reports on the fact that young people are generally not spending enough time outside and delves into the important benefits that can be reaped from regularly being outdoors.

The Mirror features Birda in their article and delves into the reasons for this. This article explores that Young Adults Not Speding Enough Time Outdoors and spending excessive amounts of time being sedentary. According to a study, individuals aged 18 to 30 are spending an average of six hours a day sitting down, even more than the time they spend sleeping. This lack of movement is concerning as it can contribute to health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Experts are urging young adults to make exercise a regular part of their routine and reduce the time they spend sitting to maintain good health and well-being.

Getting enough time outdoors can be tricky when there’s little motivation or green space. There’s many statistics that highlights the need for the outdoors. As The Mirror is such a well known publication, it’s an honor to be featured. Here’s what Danni Scott from The Mirror has to say;

"Almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds want to spend more time outdoors but are unable to find hobbies or activities to entice them outside, says a new study from Birda, which is impacting the generation's mental health. There's a growing number of us living in concrete jungle cities, with limited outdoor spaces which can make reconnecting with nature even harder – especially for young adults who tend to flock to these urban areas."

Find real calm in nature and take action to improve your mood. Head to our blog, Mindfulness in Nature to read more.

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