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The Sun suggests Birda to boost birding Knowledge

It can be difficult to start a new hobby, and to find one that’s completely free. To help you with getting the most out of a free hobby, The Sun has recommended the Birda app in their “Sun Savers” series, detailing money-saving hacks. Check out their article, “Four ways to buff up on your birdwatching knowledge

The Sun’s article highlights the joy and cost-free nature of birdwatching as an activity. Emphasizing the accessibility and enjoyment that can be derived from observing birds in their natural habitats, birdwatching offers a great opportunity to connect with nature, relieve stress, and learn more about different species.  This great hobby is low-cost and easily accessible activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We’re so pleased that The Sun encourages readers to give birdwatching a try and discover the wonders of the avian world right in their own backyards.

We’re really excited that we’ve been mentioned in The Sun, one of the most circulated magazine in the UK and Ireland. Here’s what Lana Clements from The Sun has to say;

Spring is the perfect time to get out with the family and birdwatch. Yet one in six of us is only able to identify three types of birds from the hundreds of varieties living in the UK, birdwatching app Birda has found.

Want even more excuses to start birdwatching? Head to our blog to find even more Benefits of Birdwatching.

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